Nightshades and Amanitas (demo)

by Edenspore



I’ve been getting to know Amanitas of various species growing abundantly in the sandy, acidic, pine-oak forests I frequent, and toxic nightshades such as Jimson Weed (Family Solanaceae, along with tomatoes and eggplants) frequently volunteer in my urban garden. I collect some Amanitas for study and let the nightshades stay. They’re friends and allies.

The abundant metaphors I garner from these alluring, beautiful, hallucinogenic, and potentially deadly species of plants and mushrooms involving the dualities of domesticity/wildness, softness/ferocity, light/dark have led to some really potent musings. Why are we so afraid of things that won’t hurt us unless we consume them? Do we inherently fear our big human brains will “short circuit” and give into forbidden temptations of beauty and curiosity?

As a woman and witch, I feel a kindred spirit to these other lifeforms: Why is my sexuality and knowledge so dangerous? Why can’t I be both homemaker and performer? Why can’t I be both nurturing and formidable? Why can’t I be true to my joyous inner child and my darkest demons? In accepting our dualities, we find balance and power. I want that sentiment to grow!

And, hey, you never know when you might need a good poison.


Though her charms disarm,
her creed is “do no harm”.
Don’t sound the alarm;
she works with mystery and calm.

She’s more a silkscreen than smoke and mirrors,
dealing in Nightshades and Amanitas.

Cell for cell, a pact is made,
body for body, blood for blade,
placed under pillows, sealed with a kiss,
and after dark, compost the evidence.

Most of life spent underground,
undisturbed by what’s allowed--
glowing, growing outstretched,
single fibers, silken threads,
waiting for the rains ahead
to push through sand and spread.

Wings and spores,
spots and lights,
yellow beacons of the pines,
tadpoles, acorns, and fireflies--
the world revolves around double lives.

Building a masterpiece in her mind,
transforming bricks into sweet red wine,
giving a space for the poison to seed--
one man’s flower is this woman’s weed of endless sleep.

White as a maiden,
sharp as a knife,
tempted by her beauty
she’ll strike as lightning.
By seed and spore,
unfettered spread,
growing a future where hunters become hunted.

She’s more a silkscreen than smoke and mirrors,
dealing in Nightshades and Amanitas.


released August 1, 2017
Thanks to Ethan Feinstein for recording the drum tracks!



all rights reserved


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