Live at The First Banana

by Edenspore

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released August 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Edenspore Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A multifaceted business encompassing the creative and earth-worshipping works of Robyn Mello. Music. Edible ecosystem design. Workshops. Herbal products. Jewelry. Deep dreaming. Growth. Bigger than the sum of its parts. Please listen to the music here, visit her social media and website, and interact! She wants to play, teach, listen, and learn with you! ... more

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Track Name: Roasted
We spend our days
working to change
the weather where we are
We spend our nights
retreating from fake lights
designing our own stars
And when we rise
we do it all again
despite the damage that's been done
we look past it
to the exit
we're shining towards the sun
Cynical though you may be
jaded in all you've learned
let us live in our world
and we'll let you be in yours
The sun rules all of our days
and the moon governs all of our nights
despite your different beliefs
this planet deserves the same rights
Why don't we
leave our dreams
and follow our hearts
scatter our seeds
float on the breeze
this chapter's just the start
Death is a false prophet
we all know it
we can see what they hide
Open your eyes
universal signs
are revealing all the lies
// //
Dehumanized plastic people
fear & fashion guide the tour
forgotten streaks
shine in the trees
your shelters block out nature's forces
Feel the dirt in your fingers
mash it through your toes
muddy T-shirts and juice-stained lips
let the earth heal all your woes
// //
And when we rise
do it all again
despite the damage that's been done
we look past it
to the exit
we're flying towards the sun
Track Name: Hidden in Plain View
Pieces of earth stuck to skin,
Worshipping what we were born with.
If only the tides would rise higher,
I'd swim 'till I ran out of breath.

Breath is what binds us,
and minds are what reel us in,
accepting the paths that will cross when the time comes.
When fires rage, ice succumbs and brings floods.

Atoms collide every instant,
so common we always miss it.
Planets align on a cycle,
with years in between, so it's special.

Breath is what binds us,
and minds are what reel us in,
accepting the paths that will cross when the time comes.
When fires rage, ice succumbs and brings floods.

Shadows betray.
Run away.
Rooted in place,
attached in a name to my eyelids.

Breath is what binds us,
and minds are what reel us in,
accepting the paths that will cross when the time comes.
When fires rage, ice succumbs and brings floods.

No matter where you go, there you are.
Hide from destiny, you're still a star,
made of light and flesh and guts and heart,
all coursing through our veins when we're apart.

Inhale and exhale,
destiny, nonlinearity.
Sometimes they decide,
sometimes we choose.
Hidden in plain view,
nothing to lose.
Track Name: Moonbath
Let's show the moon what it deserves.
Honey, pull it over and outline my curves.
Orion's eyes think we look real nice.
Let's give 'im a show, darlin' don't think twice.

Gotta let The Big Dipper shower me with stars,
for tonight, The Big Picture is curled up inside your arms.
That wise queen in the sky said, "Don't forget to pray."
I said, "Sure thing, Your Highness, but in my world we call it Play."
On this clear night, my choice, though there's so much work to do, is to revel and rejoice in this moonbath drawn for two.

We were born to contradictions--
a sacred land full of virtue and sin,
pornographers and Puritans,
mothers, harlots, and heroines.

Gotta let Trumpetflowers build for me a crown.
Ladybugs and daisies sing love songs all around.
That dusk breeze in my hair said, "Don't forget to pray."
I said, "Always, dear, in my own private way."
As the Sun goes down, though there's so much work to do,
I will dance in scarlet light and bathe in this moon with you.

This time of year, all good things glow,
harvests begin, reap what you sow.
Be careful of the spin of Mercury.
Remember love, joy, and humility.

Gotta let salt and fire get under my skin,
lightning bugs and blueberries feed our souls again.
Bullfrogs bellow on the beach, "Don't forget to pray."
I said, "Stop, look, and listen to everything I do and say."
As the light returns, though there's so much work to do,
I will cherish all these stars and final moonlight here with you.
Track Name: Metaphorically Speaking (poem)
Hey There, Lover,
Come closer
and look deeper at the beating of my heart.
It all starts to make a difference
When we listen to the rhythm of the dark.
If we go forgetting, have we begun accepting
Losing tinder for our spark?
As the fire and the flames fail to miss their mark,
Let’s close our eyes
and watch the grid between us float
For miles and miles and miles.
When the time comes that we think we’ve lost our light,
A storm will tear straight through the night,
Throwing ice and lightning strikes,
Reminding us that life in these bodies is for touch.
Fingers without words,
Gliding soft to explore curves in skin’s fabric and its seams,
Melting away layers of broken dreams,
memories attached to rougher things,
And misunderstandings resulting from lack of empathy
And computer screens;
The slow sneaking of a torso
Gliding between sheets,
Amidst crowds dancing to arrhythmic beats,
To tell me that you’re near
And that our motion is the tempo that you seek.
Were your fingertips designed
To find the skin that slides
Most smoothly inside their grooves,
Or is it the exchange of electrons
That finds you in your element?
For the hell of it, why don’t we try to see
What it feels like to touch without hands—
So many other ways to express and emphasize
The care, reverence, intuition, respect
Between your mind and mine.
Explore me as if you were blind,
Both our senses heightened to
Paint whole landscapes
No one in our world has ever seen.

Welcome to the metaphor.
Some call it life,
But there’s so much more
Under the surface of every scene
And beat and dream.
Is all this speech redundant,
Or do we need it to be reminded of our meaning?
Sometimes writing to blank page
Is so much more relieving than speaking,
For words to others’ ears
Are translated therein
faster than my mind can comprehend.
I want to keep you
Because you know how to talk,
But you’re more interested in getting to know me
With your eyes and hands and smile,
And your tongue is often used for things
Far easier to listen to and understand—
A feeling that speaks volumes in your compendium
Of what you think of this being—
A library beyond human literacy.

Metaphors in mountains
And lapping lakes and silent meditations.
Metaphors in where we choose to make our homes,
Where we feel useful and bear fruit.
Symbols in every sight behind my eyes,
Feeling colors and drawing pictures
That lose meaning when I speak them.
If only you could see the world
You unlock with your affections,
The experience in the thick of it,
The revelations in the midst of the reflections
Would probably result in the first telepathic drowning
Ever recorded.

Paradox is, I’m not sure if you see it,
Or if this lack of words will culminate
In an eventual deflating of
The world we’ve been creating.
The deep spirit emanating,
Snaking out of me through your slithering,
Is because of me and you, so
I want to share it with you:
The deep undulating orange whirlpool of quicksand as you lap at my shores;
The little yellow house in the woods you can only enter if you knock softly;
The oil slick purple-green peacock preening atop the highest peak of
our bodies that have become immortal iridescent mountains beneath a scarlet sky.
These images, and much, much more, result from you and I.

When the only light comes from a candle
That’s burned the last of its wick
For our weak animal eyes to see,
The scene still lingers,
Continuing long after sleep.
At least, it does for me.
What’s in a name or a word or a story
If it’s unspoken and falls on deaf ears?
I want you to hear me
And scream when you feel it;
Otherwise, do I just keep hoping
That I know you’re believing
And experiencing the same connection
Through the glances you keep stealing in my direction?

There’s no correct way to explain the inexplicable,
No wrong answer or cheat code for this level,
But, eventually, we’re going to have to dig deeper.
Speak it.
Tell me what you see.
And scream with me.
Track Name: Descendants
There once was a coven in the middle of the ocean
The witches there made sweet love & sweet potions
They did not retreat, the sea rose up around them
An island of magic braves waves by the thousands

A beauty with shells on each finger sang:
To our island of peace
To a piece of relief
Oh, away from non-believers, sheep, & thieves.”

Explorers, they sailed through the waves just to find them
Dozens of ships sank before they could break in
Sorceresses swam in the shallows & cheered them on
Seeking companions who could be for them just as strong.

An enchantress with horns in her ears sang:
"Dear sisters,
Oh, stand patient & tall,
Oh, we can’t save them all,
Oh, some sailors will crash & will burn & will fall.”

For long centuries all the women spun stories,
Shared days & nights full of fire & glory,
Each did her part to cast spells for the future,
That they’d be reborn & their bonds would endure.

All sisters with warrior hearts sang:
"Please listen,
You descend from our line,
You were born just in time,
To find your circle, complete it, & shine.”
Track Name: Thyme Flies
Sometimes wanting you
is a scary thing to do
from god to child
from have to give
from lust to friend
But anger, loss, & fear
aren't too be felt or real
the cycle's just a spiral
it all turns to soil

Seeing something through
is a scary thing to do
from seed to fruit
from womb to tomb
from start to end
The grass it isn't greener
the sky it isn't clearer
on the other side
the fence is not too high

Following the truth
is a scary thing to do
from lies to life
from myth to freedom
from law to revolution
The world we've come to live in
is as far away from heaven
as any place a creator could create
Until we live the real
we'll only know what's human
let's step up now
to see our dreams awake

Sometimes being free
is a scary way to be
she has a plan
we must only listen
and lead the next generation
If we don't pay attention
all this will be for nothing
this planet, she'll forget we walked her shores
but her trees are meant to climb
and her vines, they will not bind you
if you keep movin', honey bees will be the wings you need
until it's time for thyme to creep over your bones